Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Witness in 1981: ‘It’s a Memory I Can’t Forget’

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Witness in 1981: ‘It’s a Memory I Can’t Forget

On Friday morning, a witness accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct in federal court, where the actor is fighting “Star Trek: Discovery” actor Anthony Rapp’s $40 million civil complaint.

Andrew Holtzman was called to the evidence by attorneys for Rapp, who claims Spacey made unwanted sexual attempts on him when he was 14 and Spacey was 26. Holtzman testified that Spacey groped him in 1981. Holtzman was working at the Public Theatre then, and Spacey was performing in the non-profit organization’s Shakespeare Festival.


Holtzman claimed he worked in his office when Spacey came in and tried to force himself on him. He claimed to have identified Spacey, then an unknown actor, from a photo in the Playbill. Spacey walked into the room “wearing tight blue pants” and “had a very clear, huge erection.” Holtzman became concerned when the actor approached him aggressively.

“He grabbed me up by my crotch and pushed me back on my desk,” Holtzman explained. Holtzman claimed to have “screamed things” as he slid downward. During the alleged encounter, Spacey allegedly said “absolutely nothing.” Eventually, Spacey stormed out of the office.

“I was stunned,” Holtzman said. “I began to blame myself.” He went on to say that while he never contacted anyone at the Public Theatre about the wrongdoing, he did tell friends about it over the years before posting about it on Facebook in 2017.


“The whole thing is practically a haze,” Holtzman added. “Everything was moving slowly. It’s a memory I’ll never forget.”

Spacey’s lawyers forced Holtzman to admit that he was 27 at the time of the claimed incident and Spacey was 20. They wanted to underline that the age difference between Spacey and Rapp was vastly different and that Holtzman was not a child.

Spacey’s team also attempted to cast doubt on Holtzman’s memory of the incident by distributing a production Playbill. They noted that there were no images of Spacey in the printed material. Rapp testified briefly before the court adjourned for lunch. On Friday afternoon, he will continue his testimony.

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