Meri Brown pays her parents’ graves a visit and writes about it.

Meri Brown recently said goodbye to two people who were very important to her.

The 52-year-old Sister Wives star said on Monday that she went to her parents’ graves over the weekend while in an unknown place.

“Quick pit stop on today’s travels,” Brown wrote in the caption for the following photo:

“These two people are amazing. “Missed their knowledge, laughter, and love.”

Meri Brown Visits Mourns Late Parents Posts Visit to Their


Meri’s mother died in 2021, and her father died in 2007.

The Sister Wives star took a picture of the moment Brown found out that her mother had died two years earlier at age 76.

“I found out that she had been having heart attacks for a few days. “I’m not ready for it,” Brown said in the September 2022 episode as she drove to Utah to visit her mother.

“She’s just 76…. I have no idea how to do this at all. It happened so quickly. My mother was the kindest person I’ve ever met.”

1691593431 649 Meri Brown Visits Mourns Late Parents Posts Visit to Their
In the summer of 2023, people who follow Meri Brown on social media will see this photo she posted. (Instagram)
Meri’s now-ex-husband, Kody Brown, told the cameras how heartbreaking it was for him when she died.It was the most human thing we’d seen Kody do in a long time.

“My first mother-in-law was Bonnie. The 17-year-old father said at the time, “I fell in love with her first.”

“She was always friendly toward me.”

Meri Brown Honors Beloved Mom Two Years After Her Sudden
We still feel sad about the death of Bonnie Brown, Meri Brown’s mother. (Instagram)
Bonnie was known to some TLC viewers because she was in a few episodes of Sister Wives. Usually, she was there to help run her daughter’s bed and breakfast.Bonnie Ahlstrom’s 78th birthday would have been in March. To honor the day, Meri shared a sweet post on her official Instagram page.

“The most incredible, loving, kind, giving, selfless, Christ-centered person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing,” the reality star wrote.

“I miss being able to talk to her, learn from her, and get ideas from her wisdom.”

1690416039 455 Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life
Look at that two-story bus behind Meri Brown. She’s there now. (Instagram)
Meri wrote the following after she buried her mother:”76 years and 17 days was not enough time for the world to feel the beautiful spirit of this beautiful woman,” wrote Meri.

“This woman’s whole life was about giving, loving, and helping. This woman could only help other people.

“This woman would do anything to help you. This woman was strong, determined, and kind.

“This woman was always a safe place to land, wherever and whenever. This beautiful woman is my mother.”

Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life
What do you all think? Meri Brown got a new haircut for the first time in July 2023. (Instagram)
After a week, she said:”Seven days of hell, unthinkable pain, chaos, and confusion. I cried for seven days, more than I thought I could. “I’ve been wondering, “What do I do now?” for seven days.” She wrote on the web.

“She always told me that when I get the call, I’ll go right away, without any warning.

She didn’t tell a lie.


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