Teen Mom’s ratings are at an all-time low, and the show’s future is in serious doubt.

We might be nearing the end of a line that has been fun, controversial, and just plain crazy.

Programming Insider says that only 243,000 people watched the live broadcast of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on August 2.

How far has this rating fallen from when this MTV franchise was at its most popular?

Back in March of 2011, 4.5 million people watched an episode of the original Teen Mom that had a lot of cast members who were no longer with the network.

Teen Mom Ratings Plummet to Record Lows Future of Franchise

This picture is a promotion for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. It shows the stars of the show. (MTV)
Back when… Jenelle Evans was caught breaking… Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera made a deal about who would take care of their son Isaac. Leah Messer and Corey Simms, who is now her ex-husband, got married… And Chelsea Houska threw her daughter Aubree a birthday party.

Doesn’t it feel like a long time ago?

Evans was fired from MTV in 2019 because her husband had killed the family dog with a gun.

Last year, Lowry quit Teen Mom.

And Houska left in the late year 2020.

Teen Mom Ratings Plummet to Record Lows Future of Franchise
In this scene from Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, it’s clear that Catelynn is having a hard time. (MTV)
Teen Mom has been on TV for 12 years, of course. I can see why the ratings would go down.Because there are so many streaming options, ratings have gone down for all kinds of TV shows, especially those that can be watched live.

But on August 2, 1.14 million people watched Dr. Pimple Popper, while only 421,000 people watched My Strange Addiction live on the same night this low-rated Teen Mom episode aired.

It’s possible that people are just sick of all the drama that goes on with Teen Mom co-stars.

1691597208 931 Teen Mom Ratings Plummet to Record Lows Future of Franchise
In this Teen Mom picture, Cheyenne looks a little bit tense, doesn’t she? (MTV)
In the last few years, the show has lost some of its most controversial actors.We may all find Farrah Abraham disgusting, but we can’t deny that she gets people’s attention. People are looking forward to what she will say or do next.

(What was the last thing she said? That she might go back to doing reality TV.)

Yes, I think we’d all agree that Evans has a lot of personal and relationship problems and doesn’t deserve a platform like MTV could give her.

But if she were cast on Teen Mom next year? Would you really choose not to listen?!

1690569088 437 Jenelle Evans Tyler Baltierra Joined OnlyFans Because Hes BROKE Dude
Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, have started a new business. In 2023, on his birthday, here they are. (Image from Instagram)
It’s not likely that will happen.At this point, it’s also possible that MTV won’t give Teen Mom: The Next Chapter a new season.

We’ll find out soon, though, and let our readers know what happens to this franchise.


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