In the middle of Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater’s relationship with Ariana Grande, they are getting a divorce. Our family was just collateral damage.

The world just found out a few days ago that Ariana Grande is dating Ethan Slater.

He is more than just her co-star in Wicked. Also, he is her friend. So did, it seems, his wife.

You’re right. It seems like Ariana’s song “Break Up With Your Girlfriend” could also be about marriage.

As she and Ethan start the divorce process, Ethan’s wife is speaking out, saying that her family is “just collateral damage.” Ouch!


Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater Divorcing Amidst Ariana Grande RelationshipLilly Jay and Ethan Slater Divorcing Amidst Ariana Grande Relationship
On June 10, 2018, Ethan Slater (left) poses for a photo while the nominees for the 2018 TONY Awards get ready at Langham Hotel. (Getty)
Now that Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s relationship is out in the open, Lilly Jay has spoken out about it.

She told Page Six, “Ariana’s the story, really. She’s not a girly girl.”

“My family is just collateral damage,” she said about how she saw it.

On May 1, 2022, in New York City, Ethan Slater goes to the 37th Annual Lucille Lortel Awards at the NYU Skirball Center. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky for Lucille Lortel Theatre, via Getty Images)
She says that being “a good mom” to her baby is her main goal. “Her and Dalton are the story.”

The implication is that Ariana and Dalton’s breakup made it possible for Ariana, who was friends with the couple, to start dating Ethan.

But we want to point out that most news stories say that Ariana and Ethan were both single when they first started dating.

When they broke up in the summer of 2023, Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez had been married for about two years. TMZ had already said that Lilly Jay was feeling sad on Instagram. She thinks that this new relationship is tearing her family apart.

Her son with Ethan is almost a year old, but not quite. In August 2022, he was born.

She doesn’t like that they won’t be in their baby’s life all the time.

Ariana Grande performs at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California on January 26, 2020. (Photo by Kevin Winter for The Recording Academy via Getty Images)
Lilly is said to feel like Dalton abandoned their family. So, it’s said that they’re no longer getting along.

It’s interesting that Ariana used to hang out with Ethan and Lilly when they were still married and doing well.

Even after the honeymoon was over, Ethan still did things for Lilly, like a Mother’s Day post in May of last year. And Ariana gave the post a “like.”

1681322085 796 Ariana Grande Slams Body Shamers Reveals Struggles With Alcohol Depression1681322085 796 Ariana Grande Slams Body Shamers Reveals Struggles With Alcohol Depression

On December 6, 2018, at Pier 36 in New York City, Ariana Grande went to Billboard’s 13th Annual Women In Music event. (Getty)
Lilly is said to feel betrayed and broken-hearted.

But TMZ talked to other people who say that Ariana and Ethan aren’t trying to be mean to their ex-partners.

On the set of Wicked, they became friends. All signs point to the fact that both of them had left their spouses when they first met. If that’s true, Lilly is in a tough spot. But that doesn’t mean that either side was dishonest.

On January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, Ariana Grande shows up for the 62nd Grammy Awards. (Getty)
TMZ says that Ethan Slater filed for a divorce from Lilly Jay on Wednesday, July 26.

Even though people should only get married if they want to, no-fault divorce has only been legal for a few generations. You still have to list the reason in your filing, but we don’t know what Ethan’s is yet.

At this point, he has been with Ariana for a few months. So it’s possible that the news story or Lilly’s reaction made him file the lawsuit.

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