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Queen Elizabeth (1952 – ) was crowned Head of State, Head of the Commonwealth, and Supreme Governor of the Church of England in 1952.

She was the longest-serving British monarch and has presided over half a century of continual change within the Royal Family, Great Britain, and the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II Biography: Queen Elizabeth II now lived in this world. The news came late Thursday night that she had passed away. Earlier, it was told by the royal family that the condition of Queen Eliza Beth was critical, and she was under the supervision of doctors. Queen Elijah Beth was 96 years old and was the longest-reigning woman in her household. His coronation took place in 1953 after the death of George-6. 

The Queen was
Queen Elizabeth was born in London. Her studies were done at home through a private teacher. Her father assumed the throne in 1936 after Edward VIII abdicated. Then she became the heir of the state. The coronation of the Queen took place in 1953. Her coronation was also broadcast live on Doordarshan in India. Many vital changes took place in the United Kingdom during Elizabeth’s rule.

Queen Elizabeth’s family:
Queen Elizabeth was married to Prince Philip in the year 1947. The Queen also has four children: Charles, Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Prince Philip is her distant relative, and the two fell in love very young. The two first met in 1939. Queen Elizabeth says that they fell in love with each other at 13 and even started sending love letters to each other. 

Queen’s marriage in controversies There were many controversies in the marriage.
 Queen Eliza Beth had to face opposition from her family members. It is said that his family members did not like Flip due to some reasons. Apart from this, it is also said that even her sisters were not invited to the Queen’s wedding. Tau of the Princess and the Duke of Windsor, earlier King Edward VIII, was also not invited to this marriage.

The 1950s could be seen as the golden age for the Queen. Deference and respect for the Royal family were still high, and the young Elizabeth looked like the fairy-tale Princess. However, over the next few decades, widespread social change saw a decline in traditional attitudes to the monarchy. The new era of TV and intense media scrutiny also led to many unfavorable headlines as her children were caught up in marital problems and related scandals.

Yet, there were still high points for the Royal Family, such as her ‘Silver Jubilee’ in 1977 and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981. By 1990s, the media had a widespread fascination with Princess Diana, but the Queen was increasingly perceived as being out of touch as their marriage broke down. In 1992, she famously declared the year to be her ‘annus horribilus‘ The year saw media headlines dominated by the marriage breakup of Charles and Diana, a fire in Windsor, and other criticisms of the Royal Family.

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