In a TikTok video, Lea Michele mocks the myth that she can’t read.

Lea Michele pokes fun at rumor that she can’t read in TikTok video
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Lea Michele referenced the viral rumor that she can’t read in a recent TikTok video posted over the weekend.

The former “Glee” star lip synced to a clip from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in her video. The audio is of Kardashian talking on the phone while in Mexico. “How is it?” she is asked. “It’s fantastic,” she says, before becoming tearful and asking, “But wait, can you talk for a sec?”

“Calling Jonathan to read me the comments on my first TikTok,” Michele’s video, which had roughly 10 million views as of Monday, says.


She had made her first TikTok video over the weekend. Jonathan alludes to Michele’s close friend, actor Jonathan Groff.

According to the meme website Know Your Meme, the online allegation that Michele can’t read started as a joke in 2017.

The joke was first mentioned on the podcast “One More Thing,” in which hosts Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman read from late actor Naya Rivera’s book “Sorry Not Sorry.” Rivera and Michele collaborated on “Glee.”

The hosts joked after reading a section about Michele refusing to improvise that she might have had her lines supplied to her because she couldn’t read.

Commenters on Michele’s TikTok video seemed ecstatic to see the actor weighing in on the years-old craze.

“Brilliant PR tactic… this is winning me over,” said another.

Michele has previously acknowledged the reports. Michele responded to a person sharing the rumour with in a tweet from 2018, “I enjoyed READING this tweet and wanted to respond. I’m literally laughing out loud at everything. I adore you.”

Michele addressed the rumours on the show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” the same year.

Michele called the rumours “sad” and claimed they had a sexist undertone in a recent New York Times profile.


“I went to ‘Glee’ every day,” Michele told the magazine. “I knew my lines every day.” Then there’s the rumour that I can’t read or write? It’s heartbreaking. It truly is. A lot of things, I believe, would not be the case if I were a man.”

Michele took over as Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl” on Broadway earlier this month when Beanie Feldstein left the show.

Michele recently tested positive for Covid-19, forcing her to take a 10-day break from the set. During that time, she joined TikTok.


In her first TikTok video, she lip syncs in a duet with a creator who parodied what he thought Michele would look like on opening night of “Funny Girl.”

She made the caption “Clearly I can’t wait to get back to @funnygrlbwy next week.”

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