Why Freida Pinto Is “Stressed” About Halloween With Son Rumi-Ray

Scared isn’t necessarily the word Freida Pinto would use to describe herself during spooky season.

After all, the Slumdog Millionaire star is currently gearing up for what she considers as her 11-month-old son Rumi-Ray‘s “first Halloween.”

“I’m stressed,” Freida, who shares her baby boy with husband Cory Tran, exclusively told E! News during the 16th annual Golden Heart Awards in New York City on Oct. 17. And though Rumi-Ray was born before last year’s Halloween, the mom noted that this upcoming holiday is especially important because her son was “too little” to remember the previous one.

So, what are her big plans for his costume? “He’s got this natural ’60s hair, so we’re thinking Beatles,” Freida shared. “We’re going Ringo Starr, rock ‘n roll.”

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