Amber Portwood is going to court to face Andrew Glennon. How are things going?

We have new information about Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon’s never-ending, but always very sad, fight over who gets to keep the kids.

Late in June, Glennon filed an emergency order to keep Portwood away from James, the couple’s young son from a previous relationship.

We found out later that Glennon’s complaint was because he was worried about the five-year-safety old’s health after his mother took him to California this spring.

Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon is Keeping My Son From Me! Lock Him Up!Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon is Keeping My Son From Me! Lock Him Up!
The good old times. Before, Amber and Andrew got along great. (Instagram)

In mid-May, Portwood flew from her home in Indiana to visit James for a few days.

Glennon was on a video call with his son on May 16 when he jumped on a hotel room bed and cut his lip.

“The child was a minor and had a broken and bloody lip,” Glennon wrote in a court document last month.

“The child became hysterical, Amber started yelling, and Amber ended the video call with Andrew right away. She also refused for a long time to answer his many phone calls and text messages asking what happened and what was going on.”

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon almost always talk through their lawyers at this point. (Instagram)
Andrew says that he went to pick up James at 1:30 a.m. because he was worried about his child’s health. This made Portwood lose it.

Amber replied to Glennon’s official report of the incident and his request to severely limit Portwood’s time with James by saying that James got hurt in a way that children often do.

It was a simple mistake.

She also denied Glennon’s claim that she had been drinking heavily around the toddler. She also blamed Andrew for a rash that appeared on James’ behind because he hadn’t told his ex-girlfriend that their son needed help wiping in the bathroom.


Andrew Glennon Offers Rare Look at James Glennon Who isAndrew Glennon Offers Rare Look at James Glennon Who is
Andrew Glennon shared a rare photo of his 5-year-old son James Glennon on his private social media page. Both guys are wearing shirts that look great. (Facebook)

All of this is very sad because a five-year-old is in the middle of it.

Ashley, on the other hand, says that Amber was in an Indiana courtroom on Thursday for the latest custody hearing… James, a lawyer, spoke up through a video.

The most important part of this particular hearing was the cross-examination of Portwood. Other evidence was also shown.

The court then told both sides to give the court their proposed orders, or reasons why they should either spend time with James or why the other side should not.

By September 5, these written briefs must be sent to the court.

The judge has 90 days to make a decision after the briefs are turned in.

And… well, that’s pretty much it for now.

Amber wants their court record to be sealed, so Portwood and Glennon will have to go to court again on Monday, but this time via video chat.

But this is just a matter of privacy; it has nothing to do with their custody dispute.

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