Emily Ratajkowski Honors Megan Fox (And Jennifer’s Body) During the Actress’ Social Media Absence

Megan Fox has reigned as social media’s mistress of trends for years. Fox was the actress who initiated the nude dress trend and went viral for see-through skirts before Florence Pugh bared her breasts. As her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly has rekindled, she has, as of late, decreased her social media activity. In her absence, fellow fashionista Emily Ratajkowski is honoring the Jennifer’s Body star.

In fact, the actress and model demonstrated how much of a devotee she is of the Jennifer’s Body star after she referenced the 2009 cult classic in her most recent Instagram Stories post. As a tribute to the actress, she wore a black graphic tee with Fox’s visage and blood on it, which was appropriate given the subject matter of the film. Take a peek.Emily Ratajkowski in a Jennifer's Body tee.

(Image credit: Emily Ratajkowski Instagram)

While Emily Ratajkowski’s notable fashion moments frequently incorporate a bikini, this is significant because the two stars share many similarities. They have both been Hollywood “it” ladies renowned for their incredible physiques and fashion sense. In addition, they have both openly discussed how the world’s reactions to their appearance have affected their mental health. After her appearance in the “Blurred Lines” music video, she wrote a collection of essays titled My Body in which she discussed her complex relationship with being perceived as a sex symbol. She wrote that it was “satisfying” but also in some respects contradictory to be considered a muse.

I suppose this is the life cycle of a muse. Get discovered, be immortalized in art for which you’re never paid, and die in obscurity.

Megan Fox has also had complex feelings regarding her status as a sex symbol. Her early career was spent as an actress in films such as Jennifer’s Body and Transformers, but she has confessed she had a “genuine breakdown” after being objectified so often.

The two share more than just the sexual symbol. Both are fashionistas and mothers. In imitation of the actress, Ratajkowski sported a see-through ensemble.

In the past, she has been a staunch defender of Megan Fox, it should be noted. She has stated that This is 40 did the actress a disservice by essentially setting up her character to be objectified throughout the entire film. During a Tribeca Film Festival appearance, she revealed to Amy Schumer (via People):

This film is extremely funny and accurate. I recommend it to anyone with a spouse or wife and children, but Megan Fox is treated so horribly in it… This movie does not age well.

Clearly, she is a huge supporter. With Fox out of the social media game and even on vacation to restore her relationship amid the MGK cheating scandal, it may be time to give Emily Ratajkowski more credit for her own viral fashion moments, especially when they are a tribute to a fashion favorite.

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