Former President Donald Trump says that he will run for president again in 2024.

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Former President Donald Trump says that he will run for president again in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that he will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. He wants to be only the second president to be elected to two non-consecutive terms.

Trump told a crowd at Mar-a-Lago, his waterfront estate in Florida, where his campaign will be based, that he was running for president of the United States “to make America great and glorious again.”

Surrounded by friends, advisers, and influential conservatives, Trump gave a mostly quiet speech full of false and exaggerated claims about his four years in office. Even though his presidency was one of the most divisive in history, and he was partly to blame for an attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, Trump tried to make people miss his time in office by comparing his first-term achievements to the policies of the Biden administration and the current state of the economy. Many things, like stricter immigration laws, corporate tax cuts, and efforts to protect religious freedom, are still very controversial today.


Trump told a room full of Republicans who expect him to face primary challenges in the coming months that the party can’t nominate “a politician or conventional candidate” if it wants to win back the White House.

Trump said, “This will not be my campaign; it will be our campaign.”

Trump’s long-awaited campaign comes as he tries to get back in the spotlight after the GOP’s disappointing performance in the midterm elections, including the loss of several Trump-backed “election deniers,” and the blame game that has followed since Election Day. Republicans didn’t get a majority in the Senate, failed to fill several statewide seats, and haven’t gotten a majority in the House yet, with only 215 of the 218 needed races called in their favour so far. This has put Trump and other party leaders on the defensive as members of their own party criticise them.

Trump’s paperwork proving he was running for president arrived at the Federal Election Committee just before he announced at Mar-a-Lago.

To the delight of his staff and friends, who have been telling him for a long time to run a campaign that looks to the future, he only spent a small part of his speech repeating his lies about the 2020 election. Even though he wanted paper ballots and said that America’s election system was like that of “third world countries,” Trump also tried to broaden his complaints by complaining about the “massive corruption” and “entrenched interests” that he thought had taken over Washington. Many of Trump’s top advisors are worried that his obsession with spreading conspiracy theories about the last presidential election will make it harder for him to win a national election in 2024.

During his hour-long speech, Trump made it clear that he wants Republicans to see his campaign as something they have to give up for.

At one point, he said, “Anyone who really wants to take on this rigged and corrupt system will face a storm of fire that only a few could understand.” He was talking about the legal and emotional toll his presidency and time after it have had on his family members.

After last week’s midterm elections, Trump is being blamed for putting forward unqualified candidates who spent too much time repeating his claims about election fraud, which turned off key voters and led to their defeat. He tried to answer that criticism on Tuesday by saying that Republicans look like they’re going to win back the majority in the House and by promoting at least one candidate, Kevin Kiley of California, who Trump backed. At one point, Trump seemed to say that his party’s poor performance in the midterm elections was because voters didn’t yet know “the total effect of the suffering” after two years of Democratic control in Washington.

“I have no doubt that by 2024, things will be much worse, and they will see clearly what has happened and is happening to our country. Voting will be very different,” he said.

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