Ian Watkins: Former Lostprophets frontman’s injuries from a jail attack are “not life-threatening”

The singer has been in prison for 10 years now for a long time because of several sex crimes.

Ian Watkins pictured in a mugshot - and performing with Lostprophets in 2004

Ian Watkins, who used to lead the band Lostprophets, was attacked in jail, but police say they don’t think his injuries are serious.

The pedophile rock star was reportedly stabbed at HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire. He was taken to the hospital.

Staff at the prison told the police that a prisoner had been hurt on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire force said, “He was taken to the hospital, where his injuries don’t seem to be life-threatening.”

Police said that they are still looking into what happened.

A source told the Mirror that three other prisoners had taken him, hostage early Saturday morning.

Watkins, who is 46 years old, was sentenced to 29 years in prison and six more years on probation in December 2013 for a series of sex crimes, including trying to rape a fan’s baby.

The disgraced singer was arrested on September 21, 2012, after a drugs warrant was carried out at his Pontypridd home. A lot of computers, cell phones, and storage devices were taken.

When the equipment was looked at, Watkins’s bad behavior became clear.

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