Jimmy Kimmel Serves Up Pizza-Themed Crocs With Whimsical Jibbitz Toppings in New Charitable Collaboration

jimmy kimmel crocs pizza clogs


Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with Crocs to bring fans delicious classic shoes inspired by the ever-famous New York slice. Kimmel x Crocs is baked fresh in a clog-style shoe painted to look like a mouthwatering piece of pizza.

The iconic but polarizing pizza-turned silhouette is adorned with some of your favorite jibbitz toppings like mushrooms, spinach, pepperoni, and olives. Other colorful decorative options include a caricature of the talk show host himself, and Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s bodyguard and celebrity gossip correspondent…

The dynamic presenter announced the footwear announcement on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in a lengthy monologue streamed to the show’s YouTube account, which included the New York native reeling off current event gags before introducing his collection with his “legacy in mind.”

Kimmel aired a satirical sketch of him and Guillermo meeting with Crocs CEO Andrew Rees at Crocs headquarters. In the video, Rees also shared more famous partnerships with Crocs, like Bad Bunny and Diplo. Kimmel showed off crude and ludicrous mock-ups of “Pop Crocs” made of bubble wrap, “Croctapus,” which were octopus-inspired clogs, and “Barefoot Crocs,” which consisted of images of the television personalities’ feet super-imposed onto the silhouette of clog Crocs.

A charity donation will be given to celebrate the cooperation to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Jimmy Kimmel x Crocs is now available for pre-order on the Crocs website and app.

Although immensely polarising, Crocs have made a resurgence, for better or worse, since many people’s perspectives have evolved toward easy-going footwear with a focus on comfort. Crocs, based in Colorado, have broadened their horizons significantly, offering a diverse inventory ranging from their basic clog style to flip-flops, slides, and flexible wedges.

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