Josh Duggar lost his appeal, so he will stay in federal prison to rot.

Readers of celebrity gossip get out the smallest violin in the world.

In fact, no.

Don’t even try.

Josh Duggar does not deserve even a little bit of that.

Josh Duggar is an Arrogant A and a Slob Who
In one of his many, many mug shots, Josh Duggar is smiling. He is a sick person. (PD in Arkansas)
The father of seven lost all of his appeals in an Eighth Circuit Arkansas court on Monday morning.Duggar was found guilty of child pornography in December 2021, and she was sent to prison for more than 12 years six months later.

On the other hand, his legal team said right away that they would appeal the decision for three reasons.

In its earlier decision, this court voted unanimously to DENY JOSH DUGGAR’S APPEAL across the board.

1679782435 Josh Duggar is an Arrogant A and a Slob Who
Anna Duggar has been married to Josh Duggar for a long time. Both of them have a lot of problems. (Image from Instagram)
FIRST, Duggar tried to say that U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks took away his right to a full defense because Brooks kept jurors from hearing much about a former colleague of Duggar’s who Josh’s lawyers tried to blame for the illegal downloads on Duggar’s computer.But what about Monday?

Judge David Stras of the U.S. Court of Appeals used Federal Rule of Evidence 403 to say that Judge Brooks had “unquestionably constitutional discretion” to keep the former employee’s past conviction out of the record.

“The right to present a full defense does not trump a district court’s right to keep out confusing or misleading evidence, even if it would help the defense.”

1666795945 596 Amy Duggar Reveals Disgusting Reason Why Her Cousin Never Tried
The end of the Duggars’ media empire started with Josh’s arrest. (Arkansas PD) In a SECOND appeal, Duggar said that the court shouldn’t have counted the things he said to investigators when he wasn’t with his lawyer.When federal agents raided Duggar’s workplace in 2019, you may remember that he asked them if the investigation had anything to do with “someone downloading child pornography.”

At that time, no one had told Duggar about that word or offense before he told them himself.

The Arkansas panel decided on Monday that Duggar made the statements on his own while he wasn’t being arrested or questioned, so they can be used at the trial.

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking selfies for a very, very long time. (Image from Instagram)
Third, Duggar’s team tried to discredit a key government witness who testified about Josh’s use of his cell phone at the used car lot, where he downloaded dozens of photos and videos of children under 12.Duggar also said that important testimony from his own expert forensic analyst was unfairly left out of the trial.

But this panel looked at the claims to see if there was an abuse of discretion, but they didn’t find any.

a josh pic

We hope that Josh Duggar will be locked up for a long time. (Image from Instagram)
So, now you know.

Duggar is currently in a low-security prison in Texas called FCI Seagoville, where he is said to be struggling a lot in the heat.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says that he will get out of jail on October 2, 2032.

The lawyers for the disgraced reality star will probably file more papers and do whatever they can to get him out of jail earlier, but at this point, it seems very unlikely that will happen.

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