Kanye West is in all of the lawsuits because he is suing his former business partner and Adidas shareholders are suing over the Yeezy fallout.

Kanye West Is Involved With All The Lawsuits As He

Kanye West stays in the news not because of the music he keeps making, but because of what’s going on in his personal life and in the law. For example, he and Kim Kardashian finally got divorced last November, but in early April, he was hit with a lawsuit that said he banned forks, jewelry, and classes on the second floor at the Donda Academy and spent $10,000 a week on sushi. Now, as May begins, it’s been reported that West, also known as “Ye,” is suing his former business partner. At the same time, Adidas shareholders are suing the sportswear company over issues related to the rapper.

Kanye West Is Suing Ex-Business Partner Thomas St. John Over Their Financial Deal

Thomas St. John, Kanye West’s former business partner, has sued the rapper for $4.5 million because, according to St. John, West didn’t keep his end of a financial deal. St. John was hired to be his senior financial officer for 18 months and was to be paid a $300,000 monthly retainer, but he says that after receiving the first three payments, West told him that their deal was “bullshit” and that he didn’t want to work with St. John anymore. According to TMZ, West has filed a countersuit saying that their deal isn’t binding because he signed it without a lawyer and while he was “sleep-deprived, stressed, anxious, and under duress.”

According to the information in this countersuit, Kanye West and Thomas St. John met in March 2022 when West was having a “social media meltdown” and St. John came to help. Then, they worked out the $300,000 a month deal, and West signed a contract in May 2022. However, West says he was dealing with the stress of his divorce from Kim Kardashian and more paparazzi encounters at the time, so he didn’t talk to his lawyer before signing the contract. The rapper is also upset about a part of the contract that said St. John couldn’t be fired for at least 18 months. He now wants a judge to throw out the contract and make St. John pay him back the $900,000 he’s already gotten.

Adidas’ Shareholders Are Suing The Company Over How It Handled Kanye West

NBC News reported that Adidas shareholders filed their own lawsuit against the company last Friday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. This is where the company’s North American headquarters are located. In case you forgot, Adidas stopped doing business with Kanye West last fall after he made anti-Semitic comments, which cost the company a crazy amount of money.

This shareholder lawsuit says that Kasper Rorsted, Adidas’s former CEO, and Harm Ohlmeyer either “intended to deceive” investors or “acted with reckless disregard for the truth” about the problems the company was having with Kanye West. West’s line of Yeezy trainers had a “positive effect on the Company” at first, but this was also when he was making a lot of controversial comments. The lawsuit says that Adidas’ annual report for 2018 “ignored serious issues affecting the Partnership.” It’s also said that Adidas didn’t think about the risks of having too many Yeezy shoes if the partnership had ended, “especially if demand for the shoes fell because of any controversy surrounding West.”

So, between Kanye West suing his former business partner and Adidas being sued by shareholders who think the company didn’t do enough to deal with the controversies surrounding the rapper, things continue to be busy for him in the legal world. If there are any big changes in either of these lawsuits, we’ll let you know.

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