Nathan Griffith Breaks His Silence After Being Arrested for Strangling His Sister: “Yeah, I’m Kind of a Piece of Sh-t!”

Jenelle Evans has been famous for ten years. During that time, she has put us in touch with some really bad people.

For a while, it looked like David Eason would keep being the worst of the bunch without any competition.

But Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith is making a solid case for himself these days.

As we’ve said, Griffith was arrested earlier this month for battery by strangulation.

Nathan Griffith Breaks Silence Following Arrest For Strangling Sister Yeah.webpNathan Griffith Breaks Silence Following Arrest For Strangling Sister Yeah.webp
Nathan Griffith has been in trouble with the law a lot in his life. Help is needed for the guy. (Image from Instagram)
We later found out that Nathan’s victim was his sister, who says that the former reality star “nearly killed” her in the attack.

Nathan was in jail for a few days after his most recent run-in with the law, but he has since been let out on bail.

Griffith spoke out for the first time since his arrest over the weekend. He held a TikTok Live session where he talked with fans for over an hour.

Nathan Griffith Has Something to SayNathan Griffith Has Something to Say
Nathan Griffith talks about politics in a lot of his Instagram Live videos, and this is a screenshot from one of them. (Image from Instagram)
Not surprisingly, Nathan didn’t talk about why he was in jail.

In a rare moment of self-awareness, he did admit, though, that he had some major flaws.

A viewer who called themselves a “fan” told Nathan that he was doing a good job as a parent. In response, Nathan said that he was a “sh-tty dad right now.”

Nathan Griffith and Kaiser SmilesNathan Griffith and Kaiser Smiles
Nathan Griffith and his son, Kaiser, pose for a cute picture. (Image from Instagram)
Jenelle Evans recently said that Nathan hasn’t seen his 9-year-old son Kaiser since December of last year. This comment comes right after that.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup says that Nathan said during his chat with fans that he hadn’t seen his daughter Emery in over a year.

This week, TMZ got a shocking 911 call where Nathan’s sister Heather begged for help because he was following her and making threats.

“He said I should be scared because my husband isn’t home,” she told the operator, adding:

1690928903 731 Nathan Griffith Breaks Silence Following Arrest For Strangling Sister Yeah1690928903 731 Nathan Griffith Breaks Silence Following Arrest For Strangling Sister Yeah

Since he was an MTV star, Nathan Griffith has had a hard time with it. (MTV took the picture)
“I really need help,” she said.

Heather called 911 twice, and in one of the calls, she could be heard begging Nathan to stop threatening her.

She told her brother to stop following her around.

“Please stay away from me, Nathan. You’ve threatened me, and I don’t want you around me after you’ve hurt other people. I don’t want to see you.”

Nathan Griffith's MugshotNathan Griffith's Mugshot
The most recent mugshot of Nathan Griffith. This guy really needs help (and to quit driving drunk). (Credit for the photo: Police Report)
“Are you aware that the police have been called on me five times?” Griffith answers in a threatening way.

We don’t know why he seems so happy about it.

Nathan was standing outside his sister’s house when the police came. They took him into custody right away.

Nathan Griffith Insta PicNathan Griffith Insta Pic
This picture of Nathan Griffith is from Instagram. It’s a picture of the screen from a video he made. (Image from Instagram)
Later, it came out that Griffith had been arrested for DUI just two weeks before his sister was said to have been hurt.

Nathan is back in court this week to talk about the charges of strangulation.

As more information becomes available, we’ll let you know how this story is going.

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