“Secret” photos of Meghan Markle as a young woman were shown on an Australian TV show.

Meghan Markle is one of the most well-known people in the world right now.

But the Duchess of Sussex was pretty unknown for most of her life.

Fans of the legal drama Suits on basic cable might have known her name, but that was about it.

So, while Prince Harry has lived his whole life in a fishbowl, his wife’s every move is still fairly new to the public eye.

1679775138 983 Meghan Markle Is Ready to Expose Half Sisters Lies In Court
Meghan tells her side of the story. (Photo via Netflix)

Since Meghan Markle spent most of her first 34 years in relative anonymity, the sleaziest members of the world’s tabloid press are likely to pry into her early life.

This is why a trashy Australian “news” show made headlines around the world when it said it had “secret” photos of the duchess when she was younger.

As is so often the case when people try to take advantage of Meghan, her stupid dad and evil half-sister were behind this latest nonsense.

Aussie reporter Taylor Auerbach tweeted the picture below on Sunday to promote his interview with the whole Markle family, who were all as sad and silly as ever.

Meghan Markle Secret Photos From Duchess Youth Exposed on Australian
An old photo of Meghan Markle is creating controversy. And once again, her wicked half-sister is involved. (Photo via Twitter)

“The photographs Meghan Markle NEVER wanted the world to see. Only on @Channel7 at 8:30 pm, Sunday NIGHT,” Auerbach wrote.

So, what makes this photo so controversial?

You may be able to tell us.

Samantha, Meghan’s litigious sister, seems to think it’s proof that the duchess used to party hard, but all she’s doing is sitting in a restaurant and smiling, which is something normal people do all the time.

1682981214 711 Meghan Markle Secret Photos From Duchess Youth Exposed on Australian
An Australian journalist poses with the Markle family. (Photo via Twitter)

It’s one of the pictures that Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, held to his chest while he cried about how his relationship with his youngest daughter had broken down.

“What can I do to fix it?” Thomas begged during the show.

We guess you could have started by not faking a heart attack to get out of going to Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

Thomas Markle on 60 Minutes
Thomas Markle seems like a very horrible person. This is just our opinion of him, of course.

And trying to stop his other daughter from suing Meghan for silly reasons would have probably helped, too.

Anyway, the photos that were shown on Australian TV were just normal pictures of Meghan before she became very famous.

There was nothing embarrassing or revealing about them, so we don’t know why people think she would never want the world to see them.


Meghan Markles Quest For Fame Has Driven Her Insane Royal
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is seen during The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on September 19, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

So far as we can tell, the fact that she never told anyone about them is being taken as proof that she wanted them to stay hidden, which is, to say the least, a stretch.

Of course, Meghan’s family wants to stay in the news, but any secrets they used to keep are long gone, so we can expect more stupid stunts like this in the years to come.

Promos for the show said it would have “treasured memories, home truths, and secret tapes,” but it was just more lies from the Markles, who are getting more and more desperate.

Hopefully, news outlets will eventually understand that these people have nothing new to say.

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