Jamie Foxx apologizes for an Instagram post that some people took to be anti-Semitic.

jamie foxxFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx has said he’s sorry for his Instagram post on Friday. Some of Foxx’s followers thought the post was anti-Semitic, even though Foxx later said it was about a personal matter.

Foxx wrote in a post that has since been deleted, “They killed this guy named Jesus… What do you think they’re going to do to you? #fakelove and #fakefriends.”

Foxx wrote on Instagram on Saturday, responding to the accusations, “I want to apologize to the Jewish community and everyone who was hurt by my post. I’m sorry that the way I chose to say things hurt people. I never meant to do that.”

The post said, “To be clear, I was lied to by a fake friend, and that’s all I meant by “they.” I only have love for everyone in my heart. I care about and support the Jewish people. Anyone who was hurt by what I said has my deepest apologies.”

The accusations against Foxx’s original post come from the antisemitic belief that Jews killed Jesus Christ.

Some famous people defended the actor in the comments section of Foxx’s post. “I’m Jewish, and I thought it was a huge stretch to say it was antisemitic. I understood what you meant. “Everyone needs to calm down,” said actor David Krumholtz in a letter. Breyon Presscot, a music producer, added, “My brother @iamjamiefoxx, anyone who knows you knows you don’t hate anyone!!! You’re the best, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!! Love you, dude!

Jennifer Aniston was also called out for liking the original post by Jamie Foxx. On her Instagram story, the “Friends” star denied any anti-Semitic claims, writing, “This makes me sick. I didn’t “like” this post by accident or on purpose.”

She also said, “More importantly, I want my friends and anyone else who feels hurt by this to know that I do NOT support any antisemitism.” And I really can’t stand any HATE. Period.”

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