Farrah Abraham talks to Sophia about posting pictures of her feet, and things get so gross.

Farrah Abraham recently supported her daughter’s new, more edgy look, which earned her praise from people who usually criticize her.

But that doesn’t mean Farrah is now a different person.

We all know that Farrah has done livestreams and other forms of online sex work to make money off of her fame. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about sex work.

But should she talk about it with her daughter? Sophia, who is 14 years old, knows all about how her mother sells foot pictures. and was talking about how she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

1680051272 806 Sophia Abraham Flaunts Dramatic Edgy Makeover in New Photo
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham discussed a myriad of topics in an overly filtered interview video. (Image Credit: In Touch Weekly)

To start with the basics, some people find feet attractive or sexually appealing. This is a sexual fetish that is uncommon but well-known. Wikifeet is a well-known website that keeps track of the feet of famous people.

So, some sex workers will take pictures of their feet and sell them, especially if they are just starting out, don’t want to be too explicit, or have a lot of people who want to see them.

Foot pics are nothing new to Farrah. She isn’t interested in them personally, but some of her customers are.

Farrah Abraham Talks to Sophia About Posting Feet Pics Gets
Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

Nothing is wrong with Farrah selling pictures of her feet, except that Farrah is a bad person. Which isn’t very direct when talking about her toes or whatever.

But some topics of conversation, like what a parent does for money, aren’t always appropriate for kids their age.

Since Sophia is 14, you might expect her to look into her mom’s side business and ask questions. What you wouldn’t expect is the conversation they had, which Farrah told her fans about.

1680051272 67 Sophia Abraham Flaunts Dramatic Edgy Makeover in New Photo
14-year-old Sophia Abraham shows off her royal purple streaks and her overall aesthetic on a pink pedestal. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Sophia … talking to me about her feet, and asking me, like, if she should post her feet to her subscribers,” Farrah told the camera.

“And honestly, she showed me a picture of her feet in socks,” she added.

“Who cares this much about feet?” Farrah asked.

1680126667 265 Farrah Abraham Talks to Sophia About Posting Feet Pics Gets
As this TikTok still documents, Farrah Abraham chatted with 14-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham about taking and selling foot pics. It’s uncomfortable. (Image Credit: TikTok)

By definition, sex workers are adults. Exploitation would happen to a minor who works in that field in some way.

Of course, photos of feet are more complicated than nudity and overtly sexual content. That doesn’t mean that anyone under the age of 18 should sell or send photos of their feet to subscribers.

That would be a very big mistake. We’re not being prudes; we’re talking about real kids who are underage.

1680126667 625 Farrah Abraham Talks to Sophia About Posting Feet Pics Gets
Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram Story to boast about how well she is marketing 13-year-old Sophia Abraham. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

That said … perhaps Farrah was joking. Or, Sophia and Farrah might have been joking around and Farrah didn’t explain it very well.

Actually, this is something that a young adult and a parent might joke about. In some families, but not all. A lot of kids make fun of their moms’ jobs or joke about things that are a little bit hot.

So why didn’t Farrah just say that she didn’t understand why people like foot pictures or say that she and Sophia were just kidding? Farrah has almost never made good decisions. The results are sometimes pretty gross.

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