Angela Deem says that on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort, she had to fight off other women’s husbands.

Next week, the first episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort will air. Because, most likely, evil wins when good people do nothing.

Angela Deem, who is known for being a bad guy in other franchises, will be in the cast and work on her bad marriage.

Angela and Michael are still legally married, which we know. But there are hints that things didn’t work out so well.

She said that Angela was constantly having to fight off the husbands of other women.

Angela Deem Claims She Had to Fend Off Other Womens
Angela Deem talks to Entertainment Tonight about why she keeps putting her bad behavior on reality TV for everyone to see. (Tonight’s Entertainment)
Angela Deem sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about the upcoming, silly 90 Day: The Last Resort spinoff.”On the one hand, it was great,” she said of her and her husband Michael Ilesanmi’s appearance on the show.

Even though Michael has been married for three years, he had to take part from a distance. She was the only person there who was not with her partner.

1691172118 190 90 Day The Last Resort Trailer Teases Fights Divorce Papers
On 90 Day: The Last Resort, Michael Ilesanmi takes part from afar, while Angela Deem is there in person. (TLC) Angela said of Michael’s participation from far away, “At least he was there.””But at the end of the night, what really got to me was,” she said.

Angela said, “When everyone got to go home or into their hotels with their partners or at least next to their partners, I didn’t.”

1680137699 127 Jovi Dufran and Yara Zaya Returning to 90 Day Fiance
In a strange turn of events, it looked like Angela Deem was flirting with Jovi Dufren. Almost certainly, this happened in the Florida Keys. Angela said in a threatening tone, “That’s when the real trouble started.”She said, “Because all the husbands have been on my back porch and all the women have been getting their beauty sleep.”

Angela said, “I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

1691519412 312 Angela Deem Claims She Had to Fend Off Other Womens
In the 90 Day: The Last Resort teaser, Angela Deem seems to be in a bad mood. But then, with her, you never know. How does a happy mood look? (TLC) Angela joked, “I can’t even worry about my own relationship.”She said, “That’s because I’m becoming Mee-maw now.”

Angela said, “You know, I finally had to tell them to get their husbands because I’m trying to work on my relationship with my husband.”

1691172118 570 90 Day The Last Resort Trailer Teases Fights Divorce Papers
During the super teaser trailer for 90 Day: The Last Resort, Angela Deem wears what looks like swimwear. (TLC)
As she spent time with these men, Michael is said to have gotten jealous. This made her want to be with someone else.She said, “It was sad, and I didn’t tell the couples much about it.”

Angela continued, “I did say a little bit about it because they would fight and argue and I’d be like, “You people don’t get it.”

1691519413 180 Angela Deem Claims She Had to Fend Off Other Womens
Angela Deem, who has been a villain on 90 Day Fiance more than once, appears alone in this promotional still for 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC) “Y’all are together, and you can fix this if you want to. We’re apart, and we’re trying to fix it, you know?” Angela told me.”At night, it was very, very, very hard for me,” she said. It was very, very lonely.”

Angela said that she went into the show thinking that her horrible behavior was okay. This is a really interesting thing to learn from this interview. Not at all. The things she has done are disgusting.

Angela Deem Screams and Attacks Other Woman at Hotel Because
Angela Deem and her friend Jennifer Dilandro got into a fight in a hotel lobby, which was caught on several cell phone videos. (From Instagram) “I had set-offs. Angela said, “I didn’t even know what that word meant.”She said, “I bitched and made a scene because I get triggered, especially by my husband Michael. For example, he will trigger me because he lies so much.”

I see. Why does Angela treat him this way if he makes her so mad? This is something that abusers often say.

1680642083 21 Angela Deem Terrorizes 90 Day Fans with Thirst Trap
Even though TLC didn’t show the video of Angela Deem hitting Michael Ilesanmi when she came to yell at him and damage his car at first, we later saw the horrible domestic violence in a flashback. (TLC)
Angela continued, “I don’t care if you lie a little or a lot. Some people say it’s just a little lie, but to me, a lie is a lie. I mean, we all lie, right?She went on and on: “It’s like when a bill collector says they need your rent or furniture bill, and you say, “Oh, something happened, I have to go to a funeral.”

Angela’s oddly specific example went on: “But to me, that’s not a lie because it’s something and it’s not hurting anyone, but when you lie to someone you love, that makes me furious.”

1691076760 546 Angela Deem Screams and Attacks Other Woman at Hotel Because
Even though Angela Deem has been in a lot of fights, some fans think it’s all an act for reality TV. I wish it were true. Her fight with Jennifer Dilandro in a hotel lobby shows that she is like this all the time. (Instagram)
“I never really knew we had a problem with miscommunication,” Angela admitted.”I learn something new about their culture every week, and I wasn’t really open to that before,” she said. “I wasn’t until I went to counseling.”

Angela said, “Well, you know, I’m trying.” Everyone thinks I have an anger problem, so I’m trying to learn. I don’t, no.”

“I don’t have an anger problem,” said the person who was known for getting really angry.

She insisted, “I just can’t stand bulls–t.” “That’s all. I do. “You know, I don’t like bulls–t, not even from my dog.”

Angela says, “When they find out I’m a Mee-maw with a good heart, they run me over. So at first, I had to stand up straight and say, “No, hell no, you’re not,” but if they got into my heart, I was done.”

1691076760 142 Angela Deem Screams and Attacks Other Woman at Hotel Because
After her fight with Jennifer Dilandro, Angela Deem yelled at people and seemed to fall out of her clothes as she did so. Angela teased on Instagram, “I think this show is going to blow everyone away because this is the first time couples meet for two weeks and live together on an island instead of meeting at the tell-all.””When I think about it, I get chills. “I’m really happy,” she said. “Even though some results are bad and some are good, you won’t know mine until you see it.”

The Last Resort, the new 90-Day movie, comes out on Monday, August 14. A lot of fans of the original show don’t like this spinoff. But it could still do well.

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