Collin Gosselin is a TV star. After Kate Gosselin’s smear campaign, Jon’s ex-wife Colleen Conrad came to her defense.

Collin Gosselin, who used to be a reality TV star, spoke out against Kate last month. It took courage and probably wasn’t easy.

He talked about how she hurt and put him in a home against his will. He wasn’t free until Jon took care of him.

Collin’s bravery made her angry, so she said her son was “distraught.”

Kate can’t stand being criticized. In the meantime, Jon’s other ex-girlfriend is speaking out to defend Collin and debunk the rumors about him.

Kate Gosselin: I Don't Get Why People Hate Me!
Kate Gosselin is one of the most hated reality TV stars in history, even though she doesn’t seem to understand why. And it’s not without reason. (ABC)
The age of Collin Gosselin is 19. He is an adult, so he can decide for himself what to do, like talk about his childhood.No one was surprised when he said that Kate was mean to him. At least, no one who followed the story of Kate Plus 8 for years, watched the videos, or read the reports thought that.But it was clear that Kate was furious. So, while Collin was away from the camera and training to become a Marine, Kate said something of her own.

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Here, VICE TV’s interview with Collin Gosselin takes place. She said of Collin on Instagram that he was “a very troubled young man.”It sounds like she is saying that he has been lying about her.She said that he was making “complete lies” and that Collin was the one who was “violent.”

Kate Gosselin Looks Angry

Here, Kate Gosselin speaks loudly into the camera while she was being shown on TLC back in the day. (TLC) Just so you know, we don’t have a confirmed diagnosis for Collin other than ADHD, which is very common.

Even if you chose to believe Kate’s account of him, the alleged violence would have happened when he was 11 years old.

Even if a man had behavior problems as a tween because he was abused by one of TV’s worst parents for years, that doesn’t make him a liar as an adult. But this is the kind of thing that abusive parents often say to their children when they speak up.

1691510967 25 Collin Gosselin Defended by Jons Ex Colleen Conrad After Kate
Jon Gosselin is a proud dad as he celebrates his daughter Hannah and son Collin’s high school graduation here in 2023. (Instagram)
Collin couldn’t protect himself in public any better now than he could when he was a child. But Jon took the ball and ran with it.”About these brand-new lies,” Jon told Kate, “I don’t believe them.””It’s clear that Kate still can’t stop saying mean things about her son, even though she hasn’t seen him since sixth grade,” he said.

1690412391 323 Kate Gosselin My Ex Husband My Son are LIARS
Jon Gosselin’s relationship with his son Collin and his daughter Hannah is strong. And then he didn’t have any more kids. “Don’t forget that in 2018, a judge gave Collin’s father temporary sole legal and physical custody,” Jon wrote on Instagram.”Kate didn’t even go to court,” he said.Jon went on, “And he never talked to Collin again.” The ending is a good thing. Collin shouldn’t ever have to talk to her.

Collin Gosselin Photograph
Collin Gosselin joined social media when he was in his teens. He was just getting back to a normal life after years of being controlled by his toxic mother. Jon said, “Right now, Collin is training to become a Marine so that he can serve his country.””And,” he said, “because of this, he can’t answer his mother’s cruel lies.”Collin was helped by more than just Jon. What about Jon’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad?

Jon Gosselin and Ex

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Gilbert are both smiling in this picture. Sadly, the couple has broken up. (Instagram)
Collin lived with Colleen for a long time. She doesn’t have any more ties to Jon, so she has no reason to lie to protect anyone. What is it that she wants to say?

Colleen wrote on Instagram, “He did well and was always kind and respectful, and he never talked back to me.”

“He has never been violent, and he is not even close to being dangerous,” she said. Kate says something totally different. “He is always there for me when I need him, and every time he comes to see me, he brings me white roses.”

1691510967 899 Collin Gosselin Defended by Jons Ex Colleen Conrad After Kate
Collin Gosselin made sure to tell Colleen Conrad how proud he was of her at his graduation party. Even though she used to be his dad’s wife, she is still close to his kids and was there for Collin when he needed her. (Instagram)
Colleen said, “I could name a lot of people who have spent time with Collin, and they would all agree that he is a great person.”She said it right when she said, “He has overcome more problems than anyone should ever have to face.””Even though he was in a hospital alone for three years, and his mother only came to see him three times,” Colleen wrote.

Jon Gosselin in Florida with Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad
In Florida in the year 2020, Jon Gosselin, Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad posed for a cute family photo. (Instagram)
“And even though he didn’t get a good education, he got a 4.0 GPA,” Colleen said.She also said, “and won the award for the best GPA at the ROTC banquet.”Colleen gushed, “I’m so very proud of what he’s done!”

Kate Gosselin My Ex Husband My Son are LIARS
In the summer of 2023, Collin Gosselin put this picture on his own Instagram page. (Instagram)
She, like Jon, noticed that Collin was in training to become a Marine and couldn’t protect himself.According to a source for In Touch Weekly, Collin “didn’t expect an apology” from Kate, but he did want her to acknowledge his pain.” When she said bad things about him, he felt “betrayed.”

“Kate is stubborn, and when she’s backed up against a wall, she fights back,” said the same source. We’d be surprised that she’s like that with her own kids, but that’s really not a surprise at all. It wasn’t Kate.

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