I’m Back on Jersey Shore, Sammi Giancola! Let me tell you why…

We’ve known the shocking news for almost five months:

Sammi Giancola will return to Jersey Shore.

In March, MTV confirmed the news with a Tweet that said, “She’s still the nicest chick you’ll ever meet. #JSFamilyVacation @sammisweetheart.”

Now, though, the former cast member, who fans and friends know as “Sweetheart,” is here to answer one simple question before the show comes back on August 3 with new episodes.

Sammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let MeSammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let Me
In this ad, Sammi Giancola looks very happy to be going back to MTV. (MTV)\sWHY?!?

Giancola told Variety that she waited 11 years to come back because she “needed time to regroup and figure out my own life.”

“My mind wasn’t in a good place. Back then, I just couldn’t do the show. And I’m glad I can do it now that I can come back and do it.”

Sammi was one of the original cast members of Jersey Shore. She was a star on the show from 2009 to 2012.

1690898756 616 Sammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let Me1690898756 616 Sammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let Me
Did she make you sad? In August 2023, Sammi Sweetheart went back to Jersey Shore. (MTV) When the revival of “Family Vacation” came out in 2018, she turned down the chance to be in it.

“I missed making movies for so long. Why not come back and try it again, give it a shot, and see if I like it?” she told Variety. She also said that she had stopped talking to almost everyone except for one person, but it wasn’t because of any problems or disagreements.

She says now, “I didn’t have any bad feelings toward anyone over the years; I was just living my own life.”

No bad feelings? Not even with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi’s ex-boyfriend, with whom she has already filmed a few scenes?

Sammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let MeSammi Giancola Im Back on Jersey Shore Let Me

She told Variety, “At this point, he’s just a guy I dated when I was in my 20s.”

“Everyone has relationships. At this point, he’s pretty much just a co-worker.”

Even though Ronnie was known to have cheated on her in the past.

Sammi says, “I’m definitely at a point where I can laugh about it and make fun of it.”

“I think that cheating is something that a lot of people go through, especially in their 20s. Mine was just on TV by chance… “Now that I look back, it’s kind of funny to think, “What a crazy time in my life!”

old school ronnie Sammi Giancolaold school ronnie Sammi Giancola

Sammi is dating a guy named Justin May right now, and he will show up on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

She told Variety, “I’ve been through a lot in the past few years.”

“It’s been so long, but at least everyone can see me again, good or bad.”

New episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will air on MTV on August 3 at 8/7c.

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