Meri Brown says that Kody Brown made her feel bad about herself.

People say that a picture can say more than a thousand words.

This is an old proverb.

If we were to update it, we might say that a follow is worth around a million words, because who you follow on social media says a lot, don’t you think?

We think Meri Brown probably would.

Meri Brown Implies That She Was Emotionally Abused by KodyMeri Brown Implies That She Was Emotionally Abused by Kody
After her marriage to Kody broke up, Meri Brown is doing her best to move on. (TLC)
This week, the veteran Sister Wives star began to follow Alex Scot, who calls herself a “narcissistic trauma and healing coach” on TikTok.

This person says in her ads that she can help people leave “toxic relationships” and “attract healthy partners and relationships.”

Scot’s official website says, “Staying in your current relationship is doing you more harm than good.”

“And in the end, makes you pick the same kind of partner over and over again.”

Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New LifeMeri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life
What do you all think? Meri Brown got a new haircut for the first time in July 2023. Meri hasn’t said anything about this life coach in public on Instagram.

But most people are happy for Meri that she seems to be moving on so quickly from her ex-husband Kody Brown, who pretty much all TLC viewers would call a big-time NARCISSIST.

Kody made it clear that he didn’t want a romantic relationship with Meri during the last few years of their spiritual marriage.

We even found out that they didn’t have sex for the last ten years of their relationship, even though Meri really wanted to be close to Meri in that way.

1690416039 718 Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life1690416039 718 Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life
This picture of Meri Brown from the summer of 2023 shows her to be pretty happy and at ease. (Instagram)
“I’m never going to marry her because I don’t want to go through that kind of emotional torture again,” Kody said on the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all, referring to the fact that Meri was catfished in 2015.

“I’m not trying to make Meri sound bad; this is just a bad match.”

The couple finally broke up in January. At the time, they said:

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our ways, we have decided to end our marriage for good.”

Shes Outta There Meri Brown Moves Back to UtahShes Outta There Meri Brown Moves Back to Utah
Here, Meri Brown is right in front of us. The actress from Sister Wives is looking right at the camera. (Instagram)
Since then, Meri has used her different social media accounts to post messages that are kind of mysterious and kind of encouraging.

In June, she wrote about making a new path, and a few weeks ago, she said on TikTok:

“Trusting myself is something I’m still learning. So often, I can explain or defend “reality” even when my gut tells me something else.

“So often, I let other people’s thoughts or actions change what I know for myself, which takes my power away from ME and gives it to someone else.”

1690416039 653 Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life1690416039 653 Meri Brown I Have New Hair And a New Life
Meri Brown shared this picture on July 4, 2023, to mark the holiday. (Instagram)
Meri kept on her healing journey after showing off a new, edgy hairstyle on Instagram. This was in addition to her many posts telling her followers and herself to “worthy up.”

“The definition of spunky is brave and determined. “Feisty means lively, determined, and brave,” Meri wrote on July 26 along with a selfie of her new red streaks in her hair.

“I just put a little red on it to make it match the definition.

“I don’t dislike it at all.”

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