Jenelle Evans celebrates her 14-year-old son Jace’s birthday by saying, “I can’t believe you finally live with me, man!”

Jenelle Evans is still one of the most well-known reality TV stars, even though she was fired from Teen Mom 2 long ago.

During her years in the spotlight, Jenelle has had a lot of ups and downs.

Even though her life has gone chiefly downhill since MTV kicked her out, Evans has been on a bit of a roll lately.

It all started when Jenelle made an account on OnlyFans. This put her family’s finances back on track for the first time in a long time.

Jenelle Evans on Video
This is a screenshot of a video that Jenelle Evans posted to Instagram in March 2022. (Image from Instagram)
(Yes, it looks like Evans gave up on making a successful business or getting her husband, David Eason, to get a job.)

But a few months later, when Jace, Jenelle’s teenage son, was given back to her, that was a much bigger win.

Fans of Teen Mom who have been following the show for a long time know that when Jace was a baby, Jenelle gave her mom the right to raise him.

Since then, she has been trying to get him back. This week, Jace’s first birthday as a member of Jenelle’s family!

Jenelle Evans Celebrates Son Jaces 14th Birthday I Cant Believe
Jenelle Evans posted this picture to mark the birthday of her son in August 2023. (Image from Instagram)
Mama Evans wrote a happy Instagram post to mark the event.

“Everyone, you’re all 14!” Jace, happy birthday!” Jenelle wrote the words above the photo.

“You’re becoming such a respectful young man. “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy!”

1680564505 328 Jenelle Evans David Eason Gives Jace Dating Advice They Actually
Jenelle and Jace are now living together for the first time in their lives. (Image from Instagram)
Jenelle spoke out about her custody battle with Barbara Evans, which seemed to go on forever, and it’s clear that she’s very happy with how their latest fight turned out.

“It’s official! #MyHappyEnding! Thanks to everyone who helped! I’m so happy that I can’t put it into words. Now our family is whole!” She wrote the caption for a TikTok video about the change in custody.

Evans also said, “Thank you, Mom,” which seemed to be a hint that her mother gave in and asked the court to give Jenelle custody.

Jenelle Evans David Eason Gives Jace Dating Advice They Actually
Jenelle Evans now has full control over her teen son. Let’s hope this works out well for them both! (Instagram)
“I think he’s much happier when he’s with his family. Evans told E! News in a recent interview, “Our family wasn’t whole without him” (via People magazine).

“We also didn’t like the people he was hanging out with, so he’s in the country now,” she said.

“He likes to ride his dirt bike and has been working on it a lot lately. In the future, he wants to sign up for dirt bike races.

Jenelle Evans and Her Son, Jace
In this picture, Jenelle Evans holds her son Jace. She did not have the boy until just recently. (Image from Instagram)
Jenelle’s life has been very hard, and she didn’t have custody of any of her kids for a while.

They all live with her now, and hopefully, Evans is thankful for this second chance.

We want her to make the most of this chance.


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