Kevin Durant Encourages Ben Simmons to Play Aggressively

Photo by USASports


Kevin Durant Encourages Ben Simmons to Play Aggressively. Ben Simmons is expected to be aggressive by the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets, like the Philadelphia 76ers, want Ben Simmons to be aggressive. More than his lack of outside shooting, Simmons’ shyness is frequently the most glaring shortcoming in his game. While his outside shot remains nonexistent, his physical advantage creates mismatches that Brooklyn desires him to exploit. More aggression and boldness does not have to imply more jump shots in the case of Simmons.

Kevin Durant told reporters how he could boost Simmons’ confidence: “Trust him, pass the ball to him, tell him to be aggressive… I’m not here to look after anyone’s children. Ben is aware of this. If he wants to be aggressive, he should do so. Who cares if you don’t make it? We enjoy how aggressive you are.”


Durant and the Nets recognise that Simmons will ultimately determine his level of aggression, and they can only push him so far. The team can encourage him to be aggressive, but Simmons must make that decision on his own. If he does, it should open up more offensive options for a Nets club that already has multiple weapons on that side of the ball.

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