Madonna Hints At Being Gay In TikTok Video By Throwing Her Pink Panties Around


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Madonna Hints At Being Gay In TikTok Video By Throwing Her Pink Panties Around

The description for the five-second TikTok video read, “If I miss, I’m homosexual!” Madonna then attempted to throw her pants in the trash, only to miss — and smile suggestively.


Nudy Georges, a social media star, scored the five-second video to music and captioned it, “If I miss, I’m homosexual!” Madonna then bundled up a pair of pink panties and attempted to put them in the garbage, only to miss and smirk knowingly into the camera.

The video has been seen over 1.2 million times and has received over 15,000 comments and approximately 50,000 shares on TikTok. Madonna, who wore bleached brows, pink lipstick, and matching hair, let the video speak for itself, offering no other explanation.


She did, however, post additional videos to social media on Sunday, including an Instagram video in which she peered into the camera while dance music played. While some were astonished by Madonna’s possible change in sexual orientation, she has never been strict in this area.




♬ original sound – nudy georges

In 1991, Madonna told The Advocate, “I think everybody has a bisexual tendency.” “That is my hypothesis. I could be mistaken.”

“I mean, two males kissing aroused me,” she continued. “Does that look kinky?” The thought of a lady making love to me while either a guy or a woman watches excites me. Is that naughty? Also, just because life is presented to me in a specific way does not imply that I do all of these things.”


Sex has always been central to Madonna’s art and public presence. For example, the “Like a Virgin” singer famously kissed Britney Spears while performing the song at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards — then replicated the stunt at Spear’s wedding — and produced a coffee table book called “Sex” in 1992.

It is her personal business whether she is gay or not. On the other hand, her passionate preference for sex couldn’t be clearer, as she stated in an August Q&A video on her YouTube channel that it was her guiltiest joy, particular obsession — and secret to longevity.


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