UC Berkeley Is Offering a Course on Nicki Minaj



For the Spring 2023 semester, the University of California, Berkeley will offer a Nicki Minaj-themed course.

The semester-long seminar, titled “Nicki Minaj: Hip-Hop and Feminism,” will examine the musician’s impact on hip-hop music as well as how it relates to “broader historical-social structures and hip-hop feminisms.” The course’s professor indicated in a series of now-protected tweets that the class will “think critically about [Minaj] and [her] productions w/in the context of bigger historical-social structures and hip-hop feminisms.”

In response to the announcement, Minaj reacted on the tweet, stating she’d “love to pop by,” to which the professor responded, “having [Minaj’s] personal thoughts would be AMAZING.”


Minaj is not the only superstar in recent years to be the topic of a university course. Bad Bunny now has his own course at San Diego State University, and students at Texas State University can apply for a Harry Styles course next semester.

Please see the announcement below.


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