People say that Jinger Duggar embarrassed her husband with “embarrassing” gifts that hinted at bad hygiene.

Jinger Duggar has become known as her family’s happiest and most well-adjusted member in recent years.

Despite the odds, she made it through her cult-like upbringing and Jim Bob Duggar’s crazy beliefs to become one of the few people in her family who seems to live a semi-normal life.

Jinger’s first memoir came out earlier this year. It was all about her life in Los Angeles and her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo, and it was all very positive.

But there have been rumors that the way it is shown isn’t quite right.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Photograph

In a scene from Counting On, Jeremy Vuolo winks at the camera. (Photograph by TLC)
There have been rumors that the only reason Jinger and Jeremy are still together is because divorce is against the law in their world.

Outsiders are probably exaggerating the situation, but fans are looking at the couple’s every social media post for clues because of rumors of marital problems.

Jeremy can’t even post a picture of some toothpaste without his followers figuring out what it means.

Jeremy Vuolo and Famous Wife
Toward the end of 2020, Jeremy Vuolo posted this picture of himself and his wife. Together, they look great! (Image from Instagram)
“A few last-minute gifts from my lovely wife…” Vuolo wrote in the caption of the picture below:”She knows how to get to me.”

People on Reddit and elsewhere thought that the gift was a way to be passive-aggressive.

Jinger Duggar Accused of Humiliating Husband With Embarrassing Gifts Hinting
Jeremy Vuolo posted a picture of some gifts from his wife, Jinger Duggar, that she had given him. (Image from Instagram)
According to the UK tabloid The Sun, one Reddit user wrote, “Jerm, your wife says your breath stinks.””What a fool! Another person said, “That’s 101, your breath stinks kit.”

“Starter kit for bad breath,” said a third.

Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity Vuolo
The Vuolos, Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity, went for a walk in Los Angeles. Lovely family. (Image from Instagram)
Some fans went as far as to say that Jinger did it to make her husband look bad.”It’s so shameful that he posted this. No one gives toiletries as random gifts unless you have bad hygiene. Are those matches for when he goes to the bathroom?” asked one of these people.

“Lol, yeah, I thought the same thing. “That’s [Jingerway ]’s of saying he’s swampy at both ends,” wrote another.

“Your breath stinks, and you make the bathroom smell bad.”

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game
Jinger Duggar has been posting more than usual about her boyfriend, Jeremy Vuolo, on Instagram. Some fans think it means trouble is coming to paradise. (Image from Instagram)
“Well, that’s one of the less subtle things I’ve seen recently,” said someone else.Yes, a surprising number of people think that Jinger meant for this gift to be a slap in the face.

We’ll admit that it’s an odd gift, but Jeremy’s caption makes it sound like it’s part of a joke between these two.

Jinge and Jer on the 'Gram
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo post a lot about how happy they are in their marriage. And some fans think everything is just for show. (Image from Instagram)
Even though that joke might be about Jeremy’s bad breath, that doesn’t mean that the couple is going to end up in divorce court.Maybe when it comes to the Duggars, we’ve all been trained to look for the craziest reason for anything they do.

The truth is that this method works most of the time.

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