Teen Mom producers are worried about the fight between Jade Cline and Ashley Jones: Do the actors really want to fight?

Teen Mom has given us a lot of memorable fights over the years.

And more than once, fights have broken out between co-stars at reunion events.

Of course, heated arguments are good for ratings, but actual violence always brings the risk of expensive legal action.

So, the recent threats between Teen Mom: The Next Chapter co-stars Jade Cline, and Ashley Jones make the producers very worried.

Jade, AshleyJade, Ashley
Jade and Ashley have fought for a long time. (MTV took the picture)
It began as a funny verbal battle.

Jade said that Bar Smith, Ashley’s husband, had not finished a rehab program that MTV had sent him to.

She also made fun of Bar for having “two sets of eyebrows,” which was funny.

Jade Cline in 2020Jade Cline in 2020

In a recent tweet, Jade Cline criticized her MTV bosses. The star of Teen Mom 2 says that the way the show is edited makes her look like a bad mom. (Image from Instagram)
Ashley replied that Sean Austin, Jade’s fiance, had “meth head on skid row” teeth before he got clean.

As expected, the situation quickly went beyond insults, and Ashley made a veiled threat about the upcoming taping of the reunion show.

“I will see you in 16 days, don’t have a heart attack,” Jones wrote on Twitter.

“Please, girl. You talk trash online, but you don’t talk to me in person,” Cline said.

Ashley Jones and Bar Smith: Secretly Married! (And Already Headed For Divorce?)Ashley Jones and Bar Smith: Secretly Married! (And Already Headed For Divorce?)
Ashley and Bar are now two of MTV’s most-watched stars. (Image from Instagram)
“You had MTV all to yourself last year for your whole segment. Since [Teen Mom Young & Pregnant], you’ve been trying to be a mean girl. This is old. Run or shut up in Los Angeles.”

Not surprisingly, the back-and-forth threats didn’t make the producers happy.

One person who works on the show told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that this kind of online fighting is a nightmare for the people who make it.

1684364025 246 Teen Mom Franchise Shaken Up By Major Cancelations Are ANY1684364025 246 Teen Mom Franchise Shaken Up By Major Cancelations Are ANY
Jade used to be on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, but MTV pulled her when Jenelle was fired and put her in her place. (MTV took the picture)
“The producers have to do something, even if there is a threat of physical violence. Even if the girls say they don’t plan to do anything.”

Someone else said that the situation was like the fight between Kayla Sessler and Dez Rodriguez, which was shown on the show Next Chapter.

“When punches are thrown and land before security stops them, it’s a big legal problem,” said the insider.

Teen Mom Franchise Shaken Up By Major Cancelations Are ANYTeen Mom Franchise Shaken Up By Major Cancelations Are ANY
During her time in the spotlight, Kayla Sessler has started several fights. (Image from Instagram)
“Because of legal issues, it’s possible that the video of Kayla and Dez’s fight won’t even be shown on TV.”

“Don’t get it twisted: the fighting is always good for ratings,” someone else told The Ashley.

“But things like this, which could be interpreted as threats of physical violence, make everyone at the network nervous because they could be held responsible if something big happens,” a second source said.

Now, Jade has deleted her tweet that told Ashley to “run up or shut up,” which may have been done at the request of the show’s producers.

“I stay away because you guys cry. “It’s kind of like how you’re tweeting right now, but production is calling me to tell me you feel “threatened,” Ashley wrote back.

Ashley Jones Replaces Chelsea Houska, Shares First Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones Replaces Chelsea Houska, Shares First Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones doesn’t like Jade Cline very much. And I feel the same way! (MTV took the picture)
“I won’t run up to you, you thug. I’ll call the police instead.”

The latest fight between Jade and Ashley started earlier this week when Jones tweeted that producers had cut out important parts of her storyline that would have helped viewers understand why she did what she did in the last episode.

“This storyline with Cheyenne didn’t exist until she called Bar with Zach while they were in Florida and said a bunch of stupid things in front of all the other girls,” she wrote.

“This made me angry because if Zach had a problem, he should have called from home, not in front of a crowd in Florida… This is why I’m so angry in tonight’s episode,” Jones went on.

Ashley Jones on InstagramAshley Jones on Instagram
Ashley Jones, who is on the show Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, is well-known on Instagram. The girl likes taking selfies. (Image from Instagram)
“So if you watch tonight’s episode and think Ashley’s energy is off, it’s because that first phone call didn’t make the cut, and that first phone call was what made me mad.”

At this point, it’s not clear what MTV will do to make sure that the reunion doesn’t turn violent.

Ashley has been kept away from the rest of the cast in the past to make sure they didn’t fight, and it seems likely that this will happen again.

As more information becomes available, we’ll let you know how this story is going.

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