When will there be more episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters?

In the past few weeks, we’ve learned a lot about Tammy Slaton’s personal life for a very bad reason.

This is because the reality star’s husband, Caleb Willingham, died when he was only 40. This was a big personal tragedy for her.

What about Slaton’s work life, though?

Fans still want to know more about 1000-Lb Sisters, even though it’s tied to Slaton’s personal life because she and her siblings are on a long-running reality show together.

When Does 1000 Lb Sisters Return with New Episodes

In particular, they want to know when the TLC show will start airing new episodes again.

“What people don’t know is, like, Season 4 isn’t over,” Tammy said in a now-deleted TikTok on Friday, July 28, before she announced the winter premiere date:

“Because my wedding had two parts, Season 4 has more episodes, and Part B will be out on December 12.”

Wow. December 12th. That is a long way off.

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In this video that Tammy Slaton put on TikTok, she looks straight into the camera. (TikTok) We know that filming started a few weeks ago because a TikTok user in Pensacola, Florida, said the following in June:

“A lot of people came to see 1000-Lb Sisters being filmed!

“I’m not going to lie, at first I was really excited because I thought it was Mama June, Pumpkin, and Honey Boo Boo. It wasn’t, but the show’s girl looks great!

“This is something that never happens in my area.”

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Tammy Slaton put a video on TikTok about two weeks after her husband, Caleb, died in a terrible accident. (Instagram)
We’ve since found out, though, that Tammy and Amy Slaton did get into a fight.

A source told The Sun in the middle of July that TLC has stopped filming because of “major off-camera drama.” This may explain why the show won’t be back until December.

On July 14, this news source said, “The film crew was there, but they didn’t feel comfortable working with them because of how they were acting.”

The Sun said that the family “really got into it” during the argument, which means that it turned physical.

When Does 1000 Lb Sisters Return with New Episodes
After her husband died, Tammy Slaton can’t stop crying as she tries to talk about Caleb Willingham. (Instagram)
We don’t know why this shocking fight happened.

Amy and Tammy are both going through a lot right now.

The former is going through a rough breakup with her husband of four years, Michael Halterman. In February, she called 911 on him and said that he got violent in front of their kids.

As was said before, the second one is dealing with the death of the man she married in November.

When Does 1000 Lb Sisters Return with New Episodes.webp
This breaks your heart. Here is a picture of Tammy Slaton with her late husband, Caleb Willingham. (Instagram) Tammy said through tears about Caleb in a video she posted to TikTok three weeks ago, “We were having problems, but I loved that man and I still do.”

“I really, really miss him, but I wanted to thank everyone for… I apologize.”

At that point, Tammy could barely keep going. She had to stop and get herself together.

“Thank you to everyone who replied. I really do appreciate it,” the 1000-Lb Sisters cast member said next.

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This picture of Caleb Willingham was posted by Tammy Slaton soon after he died. RIP. (Instagram)
Tammy made it clear after Caleb died that, even though they had recently grown apart, she was still very much in love with her husband at the time of his death.

About a month ago, Slaton told People Magazine: “I am heartbroken to tell you that my husband has died.” She also said:

“He was my best friend, and I cared very much about him.

“When I met Caleb, he became my guardian angel, and now he really is looking out for me. Our families appreciate everyone’s sympathy and ask that you give us privacy at this time.”

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