Fans of the Duggars believe that these two couples will break Jim Bob’s rules and get divorced!

If you know anything about what Jim Bob Duggar believes, he puts a lot of value on marriage and having children.

Jim Bob thought women were only put on this earth to give birth to children and be good wives.

The man thinks getting a divorce is very bad and decent people should avoid married people who don’t stay together.

So, it would take a lot for one of Jim Bob’s kids to end their marriage, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Duggar Fans Think These Two Couples Will Defy Jim Bobs
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar take a picture with all of their children. (Photograph by TLC)
Commenters on the always-entertaining r/DuggarsSnark subreddit talked about which couples might openly defy Jim Bob by breaking up.And most people agree that two marriages in Duggar World don’t look like they will last.

According to the UK tabloid The Sun, one user wrote, “I think there will be a few divorces when Jim Bob dies.”

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Anna Duggar has been married to Josh Duggar for a long time. (Image from Instagram)
“I feel like there’s a chance that when Josh gets out, Anna, who has been waiting for him for so long, will be forgotten,” said someone else.”If I had to guess, I’d say Josh and Anna. Josh would start the divorce when he gets out of jail and doesn’t want to act like a good IBLP man anymore, said a third person.

Josh and Anna are the most troubled couple in the family, that’s for sure.

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Josh and Anna Duggar with three of their seven kids. (Image from Instagram)
Josh won’t get out of prison for almost ten years, so we may have to wait a long time to see if those predictions come true.But some people who follow the Duggar family think a different couple will split up much sooner.

One Reddit user said, “I think it will be Jessa and Ben, too, even though I don’t see any love (or even like) between them.”

Duggar Fans Think These Two Couples Will Defy Jim Bobs

In a sponsored post from 2022, Jessa and Ben can be seen. (Image from Instagram)
“I can see Jessa leaving Ben for a stronger guy,” wrote someone else.

I hope Jessa breaks up with Ben. When I used to watch the show, she was my favorite, and I always thought she would be the first one to break all the rules when she turned 18,” a third person said.

“When her kids are older, I think she’ll find herself.”

In 2022, Jessa showed off her family. (Image from Instagram)
Yes, a vocal group of Duggar fans have been rooting for Jessa to break free from the hyper-patriarchal world in which she grew up.

They think Ben is the perfect example of this oppression because Jessa’s father chose him as her husband.

He might not be as bad as these people say he is, but Jessa would have to leave her marriage to escape her father’s beliefs.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Pregnancy Announcement
The fourth child is on the way! With this picture from 2021, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald proved this true. (Image from Instagram)
No matter what happens, Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 children, most likely to marry young like their parents did.Statistics show that at least one divorce will happen in the family.

You can be sure Jim Bob will lose it if and when that happens.

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