Shannon Beador shuts Tamra Judge up and confronts the producers about the secret that ended their relationship.

Bethenny Frankel, who used to be on RHONY, once said, “Mention it all.” Because of the way it was said and how it was said, it became a meme and a catchphrase.

This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Storms Beador went in the opposite direction.

Use fewer words.

After last week’s “betrayal” on RHOC, the focus went back to Shannon and Tamra’s strained friendship. What does Tamra know that could break up Shannon and her boyfriend?

Shannon Beador Silences Tamra Judge Confronts Producers Over Relationship Ending Secret

On Season 17 Episode 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador’s life wasn’t the only one that was looked at closely. (Bravo!) As usual, this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County had a lot of drama.

(Season 17 has really improved in a number of ways.) though they need to stop with the strange “never before scene” stuff. Maybe make the OC look like RHONY Season 14?)

But Tamra, Shannon, and a certain friend of theirs were the real stars of the show.

Emily Simpson invited her co-stars and other friends to her mother-in-house, law’s where Pary lives. (Bravo!) Okay, so there were hints about it before.

Emily Simpson threw a big party at the home of her mother-in-law. And it’s easy to see why, given how nice the place is.

We don’t get the brown-water slip-and-slide (so many spray tans, for some reason), but ladies, do what you want!

Tamra Judge’s bright pink outfit on RHOC Season 17, Episode 8 was so strong that we can’t get over it. (Bravo)
Jennifer was in the middle of a heated argument.

During this RHOC Season 17 scene, Shannon Beador couldn’t help but be interested in what was being said. (Bravo)
Jennifer Pedranti was the center of attention for a while.

Jennifer Armstrong was there, too, and she took part in the talk.

At this point, neither Shannon’s secret nor what Tamra knows were important.

Tamra Judge looked pretty in pink when she talked to the confessional camera in Season 17, Episode 8 of RHOC. (Bravo)
Shannon’s co-stars knew she would jump into a conversation, which I thought was funny.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson were not the most trustworthy people.

Still, it’s not wrong.

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson think that one of their cast members will get herself into a funny fight. They are correct! (Bravo)
Heather Dubrow asked the women in a less blunt way, “Do you think Shannon might try to make peace?”

It’s a very polite way to say the same thing.

She didn’t even try to copy Emily’s way of making Shannon’s voice sound like her own.

Heather Dubrow asks Emily Simpson if she thinks their castmate Shannon will be the “peacemaker.” She is not talking about the bad guy from DC Comics. (Bravo)
This is important because Shannon did come over to talk, just like they said she would.

She also talked about how hard it can be to hear bad things about your partner.

Not once did she talk about herself. Not on purpose, at least.

Shannon Beador couldn’t stay out of a Season 17 conflict, even though her castmates had correctly and shadily predicted that she would. Shannon was trying to help by giving some advice.

But look at what Tamra said next.

She didn’t talk at all. But her eyes got big, and she showed a lot of emotion.

Tamra Judge heard her castmate and kind of friend say some things that seemed a little too close to home. But what happened? (Bravo!) What’s going on there? She kept quiet.

But it’s the kind of face you make when your friend says something about a different subject that’s a little too obvious.

For the sake of friendship, you can’t say anything. But you can’t help but react when you hear something. (Great facial reactions are also a key part of being a reality TV star.)

Vicki Gunvalson has come back in some way. On RHOC Season 17 Episode 8, “Friend of,” the OG of the OC came back. (Good job!) Well, Vicki is back. Not even close to full-time. But she did film at least this episode.

The OG from the OC was there.

Even though she and Tamra stayed close after they left the show and were both at odds with Shannon, they weren’t the only ones at lunch.

Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Vicki Gunvalson, a guest on “Friend of,” drink tequila shots to celebrate. The three best friends are back together, even for a short time. After a funny and shady montage of Shannon drinking, even though she said she doesn’t drink that much, the women talked.

There was talk about underwear. Vicky talked about how much she loves her boyfriend and how she wears crotchless underwear to make him happy.

Shannon said her boyfriend, John Janssen, only wants her when she’s naked. And all of a sudden, Tamra felt bad about sleeping in sweatpants.

Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Judge all gave each other tips on how to dress or undress sexily at their own ages. Look, you can wear whatever you want to bed. If you can stand the horror of wearing clothes even to bed and that’s what you want, go for it.

They talked about Heather Dubrow and how Shannon had told her things, but that she trusts her.

Then Tamra said that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to trust Heather. Since Tamra has heard things.

Shannon Beador felt like time stopped when she found out that her friends knew a dangerous secret and might even talk about it on camera. “Wait, are you joking with me right now?” Shannon inquired.

“Tamra, you can’t do that to me right now,” she told her.

Shannon was very clear about what she meant, and she wanted to say as strongly as she could that this can’t come up on camera.

At this exact moment, Tamra Judge closed her mouth, showing that she won’t tell her friend’s secret. (Well done!) Neither of them gave any hints. At least Tamra didn’t do it.

To reassure Shannon, Tamra closed her mouth in a very clear way.

And it was clear that Shannon knew whatever Heather was supposed to have told her.

Shannon Beador is no stranger to filming for reality TV. She avoided both a “hot mic moment” and a very sensitive subject. Shannon didn’t have a “hot mic moment” (Bravo!). She got up from the table instead, but not to leave.

Instead, she did a Shannon Storms and went over to the crew.

Shannon told them in an angry way, “I’m not going to air a relationship I don’t know about. If that goes on the air, it will destroy us.”

Shannon Beador went up to the crew and told them that she would never “destroy” her relationship by talking about a secret. (Bravo) Shannon said, “If they start talking about my relationship, that’s not okay.”

“This is going to make everything fall apart. We’re through. “If this is shown on TV, my relationship is over,” she said. Her voice shook as she spoke.

We’re not sure what the secret is all about. But now that it’s July, we know that Shannon is no longer with John. And based on when they filmed, we can’t say for sure that the show didn’t have something to do with it. Keep an eye out, people!

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