Gabby Windey: What a shock! I have a girl friend.

Gabby Windey has found a new person to give her a “rose.”

It’s just now who many people likely thought it would be.

Last year, Windey co-anchored The Bachelorette with Rachel Recchia. On Tuesday, she stopped by The View to talk about her personal life.

She made a surprising announcement on air by saying, “I always just want to live my truth and my story.”

Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend.webpGabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend.webp
In August 2023, Gabby Windey made a surprising announcement. She is going out with a girl. (Instagram)
Windey went on:

“I’ve been seeing someone for a few months, and I’ve been keeping it a little quieter because it’s a bigger story and a bigger conversation because I’m dating a girl!”

Later that day, Windey sent her boyfriend, comedian, and TV writer Robby Hoffman, a bunch of photos through Instagram.

She wrote in the post’s caption, “Told you I’m a girl!”

1691024027 440 Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend.webp1691024027 440 Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend.webp

As you can see above, the reality star also posted a picture of her kissing Hoffman on her Instagram Story. Hoffman then reposted the picture and wrote:

“Guys, I have news… “I’m gay.

Windey was one of the women who wanted to win Clayton Echard’s heart in Season 26 of The Bachelor.

Echard messed up in front of the cameras for both her and Recchia. They were then chosen to be the leads of Season 19 of The Bachelorette, making them the first duel leads in the show’s history.

Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a GirlfriendGabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend
Gabby Windey did not win Dancing With the Stars. But she made people like her. (ABC) At the end of her season of The Bachelorette, the nurse got engaged to Erich Schwer. However, by November, they had broken up.

Windey told Fox News at the time, “I think life is just hectic for both of us right now.”

“So, I understand why they’re worried, but you know, we’re just kind of going our separate ways and supporting each other from afar.”

Winde also came in second place on Dancing with the Stars. This is how she met Vinny Guadagnino, who was on Jersey Shore.

At one point, people thought that Guadagnino and Windey were going out together.

Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a GirlfriendGabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend
Ah, the good old days. Erich Schwer asks Gabby Windey to marry him here on the last episode of The Bachelorette. (ABC) Unfortunately, that was all in the past.

How about now?

Windey said on The View about her sexuality and how she feels now, “I think it was always a whisper in me that just got louder and louder, and I didn’t know to pay attention to it.”

“I think, you know, when something like this happens, there’s shame around it.”

1691024027 845 Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend1691024027 845 Gabby Windey Surprise Ive Got a Girlfriend
At the end of The Bachelorette, Gabby Windey and Erich Schwer got engaged. Still, they didn’t get to the front of the church. She also said:

“So I think I had to sort through the shame a little bit, like, what is it? From where does it come?

“But, like I said, in the end, I just want to be myself and do what I want. I’ll figure out the rest later.”

Gabby Windey is so lucky that she has figured this out. We hope the best for her.

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